Essential oils in the kitchen- uses and benefits

Essential oils in the kitchen

In September, doTerra’s product of the month is the very famous Rosemary oil. For us this is a reason to look closer at it and write about this very potent essential oil. In addition we want also present you some facts about another powerful essential oil: Oregano. These two oils are well known in the culinary world.

Cooking can be fun and using herbs and spices makes meals even tastier. Essential oils can also do that. They can quickly turn a boring dish into a flavour- filled meal. But they not only taste nice, they also have a lot of different benefits for our health.

Why should we use essential oils when cooking?

Of course it is not a problem to use herbs from the balcony or garden. Essential oils are just more powerful. They have a higher positive impact on our body. Because of the way they were destilled, they are very high concentrated and several times stronger than “normal” herbs. Caution when flavouring with essential oils, one drop often is enough and can be very strong!

Essential oils in the kitchen Odeur

Rosemary- uses and benefits

The Rosemary plant has long been revered by many cultures for its internal benefits. But it was not only known for its internal benefits but also for its energizing scent. When cooking with Rosemary, we do a lot for our health. Here some tips how our body can benefit from this essential oil:

  • when diffused, it can help to stay focused and maintain concentration
  • take internally to help reduce occasional fatigue and nervous tension
  • take internally to support healthy internal organ function
  • Rosemary oil can be helpful for promoting full  and healthy-looking hair
  • it can be used for a soothing massage

Rosemary is one of the essential oils which has a warming effect on us. So always use a carrier oil when applying it onto the skin. Another very positive benefit is that Rosemary acts antibacterial. So when feeling sick, apply one or two drops on the sole of your feet. It will help to get better faster.

Essential oils in the kitchen rosemary Odeur

Oregano- a hot oil

Oregano oil is another hot oil, which has a warming effect. Please always dilute with carrier oil! It is not only a cooking spice but also a very powerful essential oil against bacteria and sickness. DoTerra has made a scientific study on how Oregano can support our cellular health. Click here to read the study!

Often it is not easy to keep all the good tips and benefits in mind. But if you remember one, be sure it is something about Oregano:

  • Oregano oil can be used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent
  • it supports a healthy immune system
  • Oregano helps our body for a healthy digestion
  • when used internally it supports a healthy respiratory function
  • it helps our body to cope with sickness

Combined with Melaleuca essential oil it can fight bacteria. Read more here about this benefit!

Essential oils in the kitchen Oregano Odeur

So enjoy using this two very potent essential oils!

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