Moodmanagement with essential oils

Today I am feeling… Every day we are confronted with new and different settings that can influence our mood. Things that happen during work, family and friends or just the normal daily [...]

Christmas baking with essential oils

Baking and cooking can be fun and a nice thing to do with friends and family. Especially before christmas, cookies and biscuits are an important part of family gatherings. In combination with a [...]

Juniper Berry – the oil of the night

Juniper Berries The Juniper Berry is not only used for the production of Gin. This small dark berry has a lot of positive qualities for our health. The doTerra essential oil is collected with [...]

DigestZen- digestive blend

DigestZen is good for our digestive system… …and can support a healthy digestion. When travelling DigestZen can support our digestive system and protect us from occasional digestive [...]

Deep Blue- soothing blend

Deep Blue- the soothing blend from doTerra This blend contains a variety of essential oils. It soothes and cools our body after a long day of intense workout or exercises. Use: apply onto knees [...]

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