Christmas baking with essential oils

Baking and cooking can be fun and a nice thing to do with friends and family. Especially before christmas, cookies and biscuits are an important part of family gatherings. In combination with a nice warm cup of glogg they represent christmas. Another nice thing about christmas baking is that we can try different and new recipes and refine them with all kinds of tasty extras.

Baking cookies

Baking with essential oils

Essential oils not only scent nice. A variety of essential oils can be used internally and we can cook and also bake with them. There are some benefits about using essential oils for (christmas) baking:

  1. they have a nice and intense flavour
  2. they are a completely natural ingredient
  3. we can profit from their powers and benefits for our body

So on the one hand we can use essential oils for baking because of their natural and strong flavour. Instead of using artificial flavours and aromas we can use oils as an natural and healthy alternative. On the other hand when baking with essential oils, the oils don’t lose their powers and so we can still profit from them. Especially when cooking and baking with or for kids, we should be sure to only use natural and non-artificial ingredients.

Oils for your christmas baking

There are a lot of different recipes and possibilities when baking cookies. Here we want to show you a selection of essential oils which always taste nice in bakery.

Wild Orange


Wild Orange is a very nice and sweet essential oil. It is perfect to give cookies and biscuits a fresh und fruity flavour. You can also use it for dessert and sweet cakes. It supports our body when feeling down or depressed, helps our immune system and uplifts our mood.

It is a very christmasy scent and combines well with Cinnamon, Clove or other citrus oils.


Ginger essential oil


Ginger is a warming oil and tastes very intense. You can use it for baking but also for making glogg or punch. It has a nice but herb flavour. On the physical side it supports our immune system and digestion, helps with sickness and a sore throat.

Because it is a hot oil, it warmens up our body. So it is perfect for a nice foothbath after a cold day.



Cinnamon essential oilClove essential oil


Cinnamon and Clove are two very nice christmas spices. Cinnamon is also warming and tastes nice in cookies, cakes, gingerbread and punch. Clove is the typical christmas flavour. Combined with Wild Orange it gives us this christmasy scent and it goes good with all kind of bakery.



When using essential oils for baking please always be careful with the dosage. One drop often is more than enough. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, one drop is sufficient.

Here is a nice recipe with Ginger, Clove and Cinnamon oil: click here to read!

Of course there are many more essential oils that can be used for christmas bakery. If you like citrus flavour, you can also use Lemon, Tangerine or Red Mandarine. Lemon oil can be a good and safe alternative to lemon peel. You can also try cardamom or cassia (it is similar to cinnamon). There are many options and ways to use essential oils for your christmas baking and cooking. Try it and get to know the fantastic fresh tastes!

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