Oregano and Melaleuca Oils fight bacteria

Two powerful companions

Scientific studies show that these two oils can help our body to fight against bacteria. Oregano and Melaleuca oil can destroy the biofilm of bacteria and can so kill the bacteria which are responsible for the illness.

Theoretically that sounds helpful so I tried it in practice. The last time I got sick I diluted two to three drops of Melaleuca oil with fractionated coconut oil and massaged it onto both soles of my feet. The soles are a good point to lead the oil into your body. After a while I did the same with the oregano oil. Every few hours I repeated the procedure.

I can’t tell if I was cured only because of the oils or if the oils just helped to feel better. But either way, both oils helped me to get fit again quicker.

So if you are sick the next time, try these two oils!

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