Back to school with essential oils- tips for kids and their parents

Back to school

Summer vacation ends and kids go back to school. This is always an exciting moment, not only for kids. Also parents are excited. For some kids it is their first day of school after kindergarden. This is special day and a lot of new experiences and impressions appear. Sometimes this change is not easy for children.

Essential oils can support here. They can help to cope with daily struggles and can support a healthy body. We want to show you some of the most common application possibilities:

Maintain concentration

Not every kid is a earlybird, sometimes it is hard to rise early for school. Lemon oil can help here. It activates in the morning and together with Peppermint oil it helps to wake up. You can also put some drops on a tissue and put it in the schoolbags. In the afternoon when homework needs to be done Rosemary and Frankincense can support. Frankincense brings oxygen in our brain and Rosemary oil clears our stores so we can learn better. Just diffuse some drops of both oils when doing homework.

If you want to know more about Rosemary oil and its benefits and uses- click here and read more!

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Fidgety Philip

A lot of children are not used to sit for a long period of time. Two essential oils can support here: Balance and Vetiver. Balance, is the grounding blend from doTerra. It helps to settle our emotions and to balance our mind and body. Vetiver has a calming effect on our body and emotions. Together they can help kids to keep focused. Apply on the soles of their feet or on the spine for an ideal support.

Exam nerves
  • Wild Orange and Peppermint bring good mood and are uplifting
  • Wild Orange and Balance bring positive thoughts and keep us focused

Often exams are a new experience for kids. You can diffuse the essential oils at home to help them keep relaxed or you can give them Roll Ons with their favourite oils to take with them to school. Roll Ons are good solution because they are easy to apply.

Sleepless nights

It is not only important to be fit during school. A good night’s sleep is also important. To get enough sleep has an big impact on our health. Especially kids need a good rest.

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Before falling asleep it is important that kids “arrive” in bed, so they can relax and calm down. For this it can be helpful to diffuse Balance before going to bed. It signalises our body to calm down and get ready to sleep. Also Serenity, the restful complex from doTerra, and Lavender oil can support a good sleep. Apply on the soles of the feet or diffuse it in the bedroom.

Little aches and pains…

…are common during school life. Especially when kids come to a new surrounding and when days get colder it is important to support their immune system. Essential oils can help here.

For a strong immune system

To support a healthy immune function it is beneficial to start to support the immune system before school starts or at the beginning. Herefore the products of the OnGuard series are good companions. Apply some drops of the essential oil on the soles of their feet or take one or two Beadlets daily. Also the OnGuard Handwash and the OnGuard drops can support a healthy immune system. Sometimes when kids are sick it can be helpful to strengthen their gut flora. Therefore doTerra developed PB Assist and PB Assist Junior. Both products contain essential oils and help to build up enterobacteria. It supports a good digestion and can help to prevent from saisonal sickness.

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Tummyache and headache

Both, tummy- and headache can be nasty and stressful for kids. Against tummyache, doTerra created ZenGest. It acts soothing and helps to cope with stomachache. For an easy apply use the ZenGest Roll On. Also Roman Chamomile acts calming. When headache appears Peppermint and the Peppermint Roll On can help our body to refresh and cope with the pain.

Sporting injuries

Sporting injuries are often painfull and can occure from sport education or the last soccer training. When the next bleeding knee or sprained ankle hurts Lavender oil can help. It relaxes our skin and in combination with Melaleuca oil it supports the healing process. The Correct- X lotion from doTerra also supports the healing process.

When muscle pain appears Deep Blue and Helichrysum are helpful. Deep Blue, the soothing blend from doTerra, helps with sore muscles and sport injuries. Helichrysum is an allround- oil against any kind of pain.

!Please be careful when applying essential oils on the face. Always keep away from eyeball and eyelid.!

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Childhood diseases

Chickenpox and Hand, foot and mouth disease

Always turn to a doctor before using essential oils. Afterwards these essential oils can help:

  • OnGuard diluted with a carrier oil on the soles of the feet
  • Melaleuca on the blisters for a faster healing
  • Lavender oil on the scabs
  • Immortelle on the blisters in the face for a better wound healing

Melaleuca, OnGuard and Arborvitae can help with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Head lice

Head lice are very annoing and a time- consuming affair. Preventive a spray bottle with essential oils can help: therefore mix Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Melaleuca with water and spray it onto caps and hats.

When already affected:

  1. dilute 2-5 drops of Melaleuca, Lemon and Rosemary oil with 10-15 drops of fractionated coconut oil
  2. apply onto hair and scalp and allow the mixture to sit in place for about 30 minutes
  3. then rinse hair in shower with shampoo mixed with Melaleuca oil
  4. repeat regularly until all lice are gone
Must haves for the whole family

All essential oils mentioned above are only a small selection. There a many more useful essential oils. We always recommend a special kit: the family essential kit. This kit contains 10 essential oils which are very useful for everyday struggles and problems.

It is also important to watch at the emotional components. Therefore the Aromatouch Kit is very good. The essential oils in this kit are supportive when struggeling with different emotions. Especially when working with kids it is important to also keep their emotional health in mind.

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So we wish you a good start into school!

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