On Guard- Protective Blend

On Guard- protective blend DoTerra On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats. The blend consists of essential oils, which are known for their positive effect on our immune [...]

Bad weather but good mood

Rainy weather and cold days are sometimes a real challenge for our good mood. Some people love to have a cup of tea and stay indoor with a good book. For me as an outdoor fan it is often [...]

Peppermint Oil- my daily companion

Peppermint oil refreshens, enlives and has a positiv effect on our digestion. Peppermint oils is the perfect oil to escape afternoon tiredness or food coma. Just put some drops on your neck, [...]

Turnover in Direct Sales tripled

The Direct Sales and Multilevel Marketing sectors boom. The turnover tripled in Europe in the past ten years, from 13 billion € in 2007 to 32 billion € in 2017. The actual industry report [...]