Wild Orange Oil- be spontaneous and enjoy life

Wild Orange Oil belongs to the family of citrus oils. It is known for changing atmosphere and mood in a positive way. Put it in your diffuser at home or in your office and enjoy the fresh and bracing scent.

Another effect that this oil has on us and our body is, that it awakens our inner child. It helps us to detect our creativity, to play and to instinctively find different ways to solve problems. Hence, it gives us a new view on our struggles and helps us to take a step back.

A friend of mine works in a tax office and told me one of her successful secrets. She regulary diffuses Wild Orange oil in the meeting room before a conference takes place – just to ease difficult situations. She is convinced that this works. So maybe next time when you have a stressful meeting or a busy day at work, let Wild Orange be one of your strategies to support your success.


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Whenever you use essential oils, watch out for the appropriate dosage. My motto is: better a bit less than too much. Especially do Terra Essential Oils are very strong and intense. So a few drops are enough to get the expected outcome.

Here are some general usage guidelines: put four to five drops of Wild Orange oil into your diffuser to improve mood and atmosphere in the room. If you need an immediate result put one or two drops into your hands and inhale. Wild Orange oil is also drinkable- just put one drop into a glass of water, stir and enjoy the creative flavour.

Finally, Wild Orange oil can well be combined with other essential oils like peppermint for freshness, or sandalwood or vetiver to get centered and grounded. Just try it out and find your personal preferences!

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