Bad weather but good mood

Rainy weather and cold days are sometimes a real challenge for our good mood. Some people love to have a cup of tea and stay indoor with a good book. For me as an outdoor fan it is often frustrating. So I tested Essential Oils to see if they are really mood changing even during these dark cloudy days. The three oils I tried were Lemon, Wild Orange and Grapefruit.

It is true: Citrus oils are always a big help when it comes to mood and atmosphere management. Their positive impact on our mood and our emotional system are well known and proven. So what are the special effects of these oils:

  • Lemon “Oil for concentration”: especially good for a lack of energy and happiness.
  • Wild Orange “Oil of plentyness”: helps to bring back our energy when we have worked too much or when we are discouraged
  • Grapefruit “Oil of the tribute for our body”: supports us with weight management and helps against dissatisfaction

On some days I decide what oil I want to use by looking up ideas in books. I read about the characteristics of the oils and choose the one which fits with my situation. On other days I just look into my box full of essential oils and choose the one that smells or looks the best or the one that catches my eyes first. I just trust my gut feeling.

Essential oils always have an emotional and a physical component. In most cases the described issues are the ones that bother me. I could not care less whether it is the emotional or the physical effect of an oil that makes me feel better as long as it works.

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