Breathe- Respiratory Blend

Breathe- respiratory blend

Everyone knows a cold can be persistent. A runny nose in combination with a bad cough can cost us a lot of energy and sleepless nights. Essential oils can help here. Breathe from Do Terra is a blend of essential oils known for their positive and soothing effect on respiratory problems. The blend contains: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Bay Leaf, Ravensara, Tea Tree, Lemon and Cardamom.

You can get Breathe as Roll On for applying on chest or throat, as oil for diffusing or as drops for to go.

If you want to sleep better you can use Breathe in your diffuser. Take up to 4 drops and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Scientific studies showed that already a small amount of drops can help to achieve the desired effect. Breathe can also help people who suffer from asthma. If you also want to use them for kids remember to dilute them with fractional coconut oil or other oils such as jojoba-oil or almond-oil.

For all essential oils it is important that you try it yourself. Even if the oil works for me, it is not a hundred percent given that it will work for you as well – so just try them! Let me know if and how Breathe worked for you!

If you want to learn more about essential oils and their power- click here!

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