Also cats like Essential Oils

Essential oils support our well-being, and also cats like them!

Over the last centuries a plurality of different cultures used essential oils. In Europe we mostly forgot about the medical and therapeutical impact essential oils have on us. But in the last years this knowledge is found again and essential oils start their comeback. I have heard about a lot of amazing stories and also some good experiences with animals. Animals trust their instinct which is the reason I don’t believe the critical voices who say it is only a placebo effect.

The cat of a friend of mine was not the same anymore after they moved into a new apartment. Her cat normally was a very lively and cheerful one but after the moving it hided under the bed and stopped eating. I was questionning myself, what oil could be helpful in this situation. And I found Fennel.

Fennel - Odeur

We all know the positive impact Fennel has on our digestive system. Fennel oil, also called “the oil of responsibility” supports our ability to be ourselves in difficult situations and to show initiative. It helps to bring back energy, the connection to our body and the courage to manage new situations.

So my friend tried the oil for her cat. She used to put one to two drops onto her hands and the cat came and sniffed. The cat liked the smell and started to enjoy the ritual. After a few tries she started to pet her cat with the oil so the cat’s body could transport the oil into its emotional system. After 20 minutes the cat was not the same anymore and started to explore the new apartment and to feel comfortable again.

By the end of the week the cat didn’t need the oil anymore and was as lively as before. The result: also cats like essential oils and can benefit from their power.

I use to tell this story to my clients and one day a mother told me that she had tried Fennel oil with her daughter who had troubles to get familiar with her kindergarden. And it worked, the little girl liked to smell Fennel and felt better. So if you are struggling with a change situation: give it a try and diffuse some drops of fennel oil or put them on your feet!

Curious to hear whether it worked for you.

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