Juniper Berry – the oil of the night

Juniper Berries The Juniper Berry is not only used for the production of Gin. This small dark berry has a lot of positive qualities for our health. The doTerra essential oil is collected with [...]

DigestZen- digestive blend

DigestZen is good for our digestive system… …and can support a healthy digestion. When travelling DigestZen can support our digestive system and protect us from occasional digestive [...]

Deep Blue- soothing blend

Deep Blue- the soothing blend from doTerra This blend contains a variety of essential oils. It soothes and cools our body after a long day of intense workout or exercises. Use: apply onto knees [...]

Lemon- refreshens and cleans

Lemon functions as a natural cleaner… …for our body and environment. Because of its various benefits it is the top selling essential oil of doterra. Use: cleans and purifies air and [...]

Frankincense- the king of oils

Frankincense is called the king of essential oils It provides a lot of positive benefits for our physical and emotional health. It not only can help to reduce stress, it can support our emotional [...]

Oregano- more than a cooking spice

Oregano is one of the most powerful essential oils … …and has a lot of useful qualities. It can be used in a lot of different cases: supports a healthy immune system and can help to [...]