Juniper Berry – the oil of the night

Juniper Berries

The Juniper Berry is not only used for the production of Gin. This small dark berry has a lot of positive qualities for our health. The doTerra essential oil is collected with steam destillation from juniper trees in Bulgaria.

DoTerra has made a scientific study about the Juniper berry and its benefits- click here and read more about it!

Benefits and Uses

Juniper Berry essential oil has a lot of different benefits and can support our body in different ways:

  • It can help to reduce skin blemishes and functions as a natural skin toner.
  • when taken internally it supports a healthy kidney and urinary tract function
  • it works as a cleaning agent
  • helps to remove toxical chemicals from our body
  • when diffused it cleans and purifies the air
Juniper Berry Odeur

dried juniper berries

Juniper Berry essential oil is perfect for diffusing at home. Due to its calming, grounding and relaxing effects it helps when beeing stressed out or feeling a little bit lost. Its scent is woody and spicy and it can also be added to meals for a nice variety in sauces.

Experiences with “the oil of the night”

Because of the richt variety of benefits and uses, it is hard to tell for which particular problem the essential oil might help. Sometimes we must try and see what works best for us and our body. Every body reacts different and somtimes the oil helps our body better, sometimes not. If you don’t know which oil to use- contact us, we’ll help you!

A friend of us was calling because of some tipps for a good night’s sleep during the heat. We talked a lot about refreshing essential oils and came over the topic sore muscles and tensions. We had good experiences with Deep Blue and recommended it. She told us she is already using a different oil. Curious as always we kept asking: the answer was Juniper Berry oil. It helps her to reduce the pain she had in wrists.

So from this moment on we added Juniper Berry oil to our list  of very potent and wonderful essential oils!

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