Start your own business


Make money with essential oils.

You love using essential oils and now want to get to know the financial opportunity? Then continue reading…

I didn’t start with the business right away; I was just trying the oils for myself. I started to experience their power and was telling everyone about it, not only my family but also my colleagues, because I was so fascinated.

And then something interesting happened. More and more people asked me to get the oils for them and help them to learn about essential oils. That was the moment when I realised: there is an opportunity to start an own business and to create a sustainable income while doing what I love.

The more I informed myself about the business model, the more I was convinced that this is something I want to do. DoTerra is a multilevel marketing company.

The characteristics of this business model are:

  • it is highly flexible – everyone can chose how much time he/she wants to invest to build the business.
  • it is a fair and transparent model – every one can be successful. There are same rules for all partners.
  • it offers the opportunity to build a residual income looking forward

But the most convincing fact why I finally decided to subscribe were the people. It is fascinating to be part of a team of totally diverse people. Everyone runs this business slightly different and there are a lot of ways to become successful. You learn from each other, you motivate each other – and you have something in common: the enthusiasm for essential oils.

If you are interested to hear more about this business and what is in for you, contact me here.

I’m happy to assist you and to share my knowledge and my experiences.
And I’d love to invite you on board so you may become part of our success team!