Wish you a nice vacation! Travel medication with essential oils

Hitting the road…

School ends, the weather is warm and nice. Summertime is an all-time favourite for short trips to different cities or a long journey to a faraway country. Travelling is always connected with making new experiences and visiting interesting sights. But also the cuisine and the climate often changes and to stay healthy and comfortable it can be clever to have a travel medication on board.

Travel medication

Nowadays there are a lot of different products for all different kinds of problems. If you pack all these tiny bottles and sprays in your first aid kid, it will be too big for carrying it around. Essential oils are a practical and helpful solution and they fit in every pocket.

Travelling by plane & Jetlag: are always challenges for our body. Our immune system has a lot to cope with during a flight. Therefore we should support it. On Guard Beadlets are a fast and easy way to do so: they are antibacterial and protect our immune system from environmental threats. Just take two Beadlets at the beginning of the flight and land without a runny or blocked nose and a sore throat. Also Breathe, a blend for our respiratory system, can help to fight bacteria and keeps our body refreshed.

Travel medication Onguard Beadlets

Foreign cuisine and our digestive system…

Very often foreign meals cause some problems for our digestive system. Also the water in the new country can cause diarrhoea and other symptoms. DigestZen is a wonderful companion to aid in the digestion of food, soothe occasional upset stomachs, and reduce uncomfortable gas and bloating. In combination with lemon and peppermint they build a good base and should not be missing in your first aid kit. Lemon cleans our body and peppermint supports our natural digestion. In addition peppermint refreshes us and can also be helpful in very warm countries to keep cool.

Travel medication DigestZen

Jellyfish and insect bites:

Insect bites are a well known problem, no matter where we are. Lavender is a fast and easy in applying help. Just put a few drops onto the sting. It will take away the pain and itch. Additionally it helps our body and skin to relax. It is also helpful when bitten by ticks.

Jellyfish are a common problem when bathing and swimming in the sea. Melaleuca can help here. It is known for its purifying and disinfecting qualities. Melaleuca or tea tree oil can clean the sting and helps to soothe the pain. At first it is recommended to clean and wash the sting with lukewarm water to avoid another irritation. After cleaning, apply a few drops of Melaleuca. Also Lavender can ease the pain.

I am packing my suitcase…

…and put in my travel medication. A lot of the essential oils bottles contain too much liquid to take them with you when for example travelling by plane. The Beadlets are a good alternative and small enough for every handbag or pocket. If you want to use them in the plane you can fill them in smaller bottles. Doterra created therefore extra small travel kits.

doterra family essential kit


Most of the essential oils we talked about above are available in the family essential kit. In this kit are the basic oils for every day and travelling.


So we wish you a nice vacation and a safe journey!

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