Wild Orange- like a summer holiday

„The oil of wealth and plentyness“ Wild Orange oil reminds me of summer holidays near the Mediterranean Sea, sunsets and relaxed moments. Our brain saves memories in combination with a certain smell or scent and for me the fragrance of Wild Orange represents vacation.

Wild Orange strengthens our emotional system.

It can help us when we feel down or discouraged, when we miss energy or tend to work too much. It releases anxiety, nervousness and makes it easier for us to let go stress. Wild Orange can also support our confidence about upcoming situations.

The application is easy and fast. Rub one or two drops of Wild Orange in your hands. Lean back, relax and inhale the fresh smell. Take five to six deep breath and feel the effect.

You can also diffuse the oil. Give up to 5 drops into your diffuser and let Wild Orange spread through your room. You will experience that the positive impact touches also on all other persons entering the room.

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