A good night’s sleep: why leaving this to chance?

A good night’s sleep

Need a good sleep – how can essential oils support us here? This is one of the most frequently asked question I get when talking about my essential oils. During the last months I started to read a lot about problems with insomnia. I am going to share my tips here because I think it is very important to sleep well und get up recovered.

Scientific studies on sleep always mention that problems with falling asleep or waking up during the night are something that we should care about before they occur regulary. It is important to think about it one or two hours before going to bed. Our body needs clear signals to know that the day is at its end. A regular sleep rhythm is highly recommended, also to avoid coffee, heavy meals and alcohol before going to sleep.

In theory all these useful tips are surely good but practically it is often hard to follow them. Especially during holidays or after a party it is hard to get a good sleep.

I tried a lot of different oils and came to the result that for me there is not only ONE special oil that helps me. Often there are different reasons why I can’t get to sleep. So I have an oil for every reason and started to experiment a bit with their power.

One reason is: I have eaten too much or too late in the evening.

Heavy meal - Odeur

Yummy but nothing for a good night’s sleep

Lavender oil relaxes our body and helps to calm down. It is recommended when having trouble to sleep. For me Lavender oil is not enough. My brain wants to sleep but my stomach constantly tells me I ate too much. In this case I use ZenGest, a do Terra oil blend which supports our digestion. I put two or three drops in a glass of water and drink it. Alternatively I dilute 1-2 drops ZenGest with fractionated coconut oil and massage it on my belly. In combination with some drops of lavender oil on my pillow I can finally fall asleep. Also single oils can help: Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Cumin, Tarragon and anis are typical oils that help with digestion problems.

Another reason that hinders me to fall asleep is that I tend to recap the day and then there are so many thoughts circulating in my brain that I cannot switch off.

Chess - Odeur

Thinking too much can cause insomina

In this case I have another favourite: frankincense oil. I massage one ot two drops on my feet or put them on my pillow. You can also use a combination of lavender and frankincense with your diffuser. When you are already used to frankincense oil, you can massage one drop onto your palate. Not everyone likes this, but for me this is the quickest way to relax and calm down.

There are far more issues like anticipation, excitement, grief or excessive demands that cause insomnia. Therefore combine recommended oils with lavender oil. Or please contact us – I would love to assist you and give personal tips.

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