Essential Oils in the Metro- an experiment

Taking the metro can sometimes be a real adventure. Today I tested if it was true that we cannot flee smell and that we unconsciously get aware of scents. So in fact I wanted to create attention for essential oils with people who were focused on something completely different.

My test environment was the metro. First I just watched. Most passengers looked at their smartphones or read the daily newspaper. Most people had no eye contact with anyone else. Somehow strange how people isolate themselves in a public transport…

Then I started the experiment. I opened my do Terra Peppermint Oil and put three drops into my hands. For those of you who do not know yet: this Peppermint oil smells very intense and fresh especially when not diluted. So I started a scent explosion completely in silence and unwatched. After that I put the oil back into my bag and waited. And in this moment something happened. A woman looked up and searched for the cause of the smell. Also a young man, who was constantely watching his smartphone looked up and searched irritated. Even some passengers who were some seats in front of me started looking around. It worked!

Of course now I should have solved the mystery and started a conversation. But that was not my plan, maybe next time. For that day I was satisfied that my experiment worked out so well.

Just imagine all the opportunities you may have with essential oils in the metro. How easy to get someone’s attention – great tool for singles. Or take rainy and foggy days – how great to make people smile just by diffusing a few drops of citrus oils…

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