How to best purchase doTERRA essential oils

You are ready and curious to enter the world of essential oils? And now you want to know how to best purchase doTERRA?
Find here some guidelines for your decision!

If you only want to purchase a specific doTERRA oil, best option is to purchase it via our Odeur doTERRA online shop. 

doTERRA Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint Oils - Odeur

You may however get the oils significantly less expensive – just register as doTERRA wholesale customer.
Your benefit: you will get 25% discount on regular prices on all your orders, starting with the very first one.  You will automatically become member of our Odeur team and will get all our consultancy offers for free.

We are excited to welcome you as new Odeur team member and promise your essential oils experience will be a great!

In case of questions, just call us or send us an email

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The doTERRA registration fee is a one time € 20 excl. VAT. As doTERRA wholesale customer you are invited to participate in the loyalty reward program and save even more money. It is your choice – you are not forced to do any purchase.
If you decide to stay wholesale customer beyond one year, you will be charged € 15 excl. VAT. In return,  you will receive a free bottle of peppermint oil with your first order in the new year.

Having informed you about the overall principles, I would like to point your attention to the doTERRA starterkits. These are packages of doTERRA products, that already contain the € 20 registration fee. This means that you save money twice: once, because you are not paying a registration fee anymore and second, because the products are significantly less expensive compared to their normal prices.

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Here we go with a description of the most wanted starterkits to facilitate your purchase decision.

Family Wellness Kit

Content in a nutshell: Lifelong Vitality Pack, fractionated coconut oil, family physician kit (5 ml), On Guard dispenser, toothpaste, beadlets and softgels, Past Tense roll on, welcome package (folder, sticker etc.)

I recommend this kit to all, who are not only interested in essential oils themselves, but also like to test the well known doTERRA supplements, e.g. the Lifelong Vitality Pack with vitamins, minerals and Omega oils etc.
Moreover, the Family Wellness Kit contains doTERRA On Guard products (soap, soft gels, beadlets, toothpaste), that help with immun system support.
The roll-on Past Tense (can soften head-ache) and the fractionated coconut oil are another valuable parts of this pack. Most essential oils must be diluted – coconut oil is a great basic oil to do so.

Lifelong Vitality Pack doTERRA odeur

The essential oils that are in the Family Wellness kit are the ones of the physician kit. These are essential oils that are helpful for all kind of every days health challenges.

Home Essential Kit

Content in a nutshell:  the 10 essential oils of the family physician kit, which are 15 ml lemon, peppermint, lavender, melaleuca (teatree), frankincense, oregano as well as the doTERRA blends Air (respiratory system), Zen Gest (digestion), On Guard (immune system), Deep Blue (muscles, 5 ml) plus doTERRA Petal diffuser.

This starter kit is ideal, if you do not have a diffuser yet. Diffusing essentail oils gently in the entire room – what a difference!
One 15 ml bottle of doTERRA essential oil contains about 250 drops of the respective oil. Diffusers need about 5-6 drops of essential oil, most other treatments 1-2 drops of essential oil diluted in basic oils like coconut oil.

So you may imagine how long one 15 ml bottle will last…

Kid’s Collection

The Kid’s Collection is a very handy collection of 7 Roll Ons (10ml). Easy for everyday usage and for having with you at school or during training.The Roll Ons are blends which are perfectly created espacially for kids and their daily challenges. It all comes in a very nice and useful bag- perfect for travelling oder to store all the blends in it.

Now it is up to you – take your choice and start into the fascinating world of essential oils – we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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