Our digestive system prettyfies us

More and more magazines and guidebooks write about the digestive system as an important factor for our beauty. Especially our bowel is responsible when it comes to fuller hair and less crinkles. So I asked myself how is this possible and what do I have to do to feel good and beautiful?

Beauty comes with polyphenols.

Polyphenol is a colorant that is embodied in plants. Polyphenols can help to reduce harmful microorganisms and support our bowel with the production of helpful substances like hyaluronan and ceramides. These active ingredients are also used in cosmetics. So if your bowel is healthy it can support a healthy look. It is true: inner beauty counts!

With a balanced diet we get a lot of polyphenols. During summer and autumn season it is quite easy to eat a lot of different fruits and vegetables. During winter time it is much more difficult to get enough of this healthy colorant.

Digestive help

Specific dietary supplement which support our bowel are a good alternative during the winter months. They can increase our well-being and prevent bowel problems. DoTerra does a lot of scientific studies about dietary supplement with a focus on their composition and ingestion. A real challenge is the attempt to get the helpful active probiotics into the bowel without getting destroyed by the gastric acid. DoTerra has developed a doublelayer vegetable capsule (PB Assist+) which can deliver these sensitive probiotic cultures.

The more I dig into these topics the more I get interested in our digestive system and the scientific findings about it. If you want to know more, come to one of my Odeur Workshops or join an  Online Class. I am happy to spread my new knowledge and to hear about your experiences!





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