Detoxifying Mud Mask: a poor name for an excellent product

Everyone who tries do Terra´s detoxifying mud mask is a heroe for me. If I had not been such a fan of do Terra products, I would for sure not have bought the mud mask. The name sounded for me like a promise for a disgusting and wet mud experience and not like a healthy and powerful treatment for my face.

I was wrong – my skin loved the mask. Read here about my test.

First surprise when I opended the tube was that the mask has a white colour. I imagined it to be in a muddy brown or even worse. Also my second fear, the smell, was unnecessary. Ok, it will not become my favourite perfum, but it is nearly neutral and far away from unpleasant scent.

The mask takes 10-15 minutes, afterwards it can be put off. I could not imagine that my skin could change in this short amount of time. But believe it or not, when I removed the mask with lukewarm water my skin was definitely softer and my pores smaller and less visible. The essential oils Myrrh, Juniper Berry and Grapefruit did their job. My conclusion: the detoxifying mud mask is a great product and I will for sure use it regulary.

So I can highly recommend this product. And ideally someone can find another, motivating name for it. If you have an idea, please share!

And if you want to read more about essential oils and their power click here.
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