Day of the Bubble Bath- Wellness with Essential Oils

Wellness Routine

After the holidays we should be relaxed and full of new energy for the upcoming daily challenges. But sometimes this is not how we feel. We have busy exhausting days at work with deadlines to meet and especially when it is cold and dark outside we need a little help to cope with the stress. And what is more relaxing than a bubble bath?

The 8th of January is the day of The Bubble Bath and I wondered whether essential oils can enhance my experience in the bathtub?

I started some research in my oil books and the good news is, essential oils do enhance wellness. Essential oils are quite often used in a wide range of shampoos or shower gels. But I was determined to create my own mixture.

For a full bath it is recommended to mix six to ten drops of any chosen essential oil with two spoons of honey, sea salt or milk and put it in the tub. You should always use the same amount, even if you are only after a footbath.

These oils are recommended for a relaxing and vitalising bubble bath:

  • Lavender oil: the oil of pacification. Lavender oil is good against exhaustion and stress. It helps to relax and minimizes tautness.
  • Vetiver oil: the oil of alignment. It helps to reduce stress and to retrieve our inner strengths.

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There are two more do Terra oil blends that give a great experience:

  • AromaTouch: the oil of relaxation. It reduces tensions and helps with hardenings.
  • Balance: a grounding blend. It supports our mental health and helps to deal with nervousness.

These essential oils together can help to get back our energy and to end a stressful day in a good and relaxed way. I wish you all a happy “Day of the Bubble Bath”!

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