Better golf with Essential Oils

Improve handicap using oils – fact or fake?

I love playing golf, not because I am that good, but because I am fascinated by the inner game of interdependancy of thoughts and reality. The less you manage to control your golf swing, the less you think about penalty areas and bunkers, the better results you will get.

That´s the nice theory: unfortunatley knowing what should be done does not mean one can do it. As business consultant I am used to think about potential issues upfront. I plan all kind of details in advance, manage expectations etc. I am not good at leaning back and letting things go. So it often happened that all of a sudden golf, my beloved game, turned into a nightmare, slowly but surely, because I tried to control it. Mood Management was meant to be the solution for these situations. I started to test some of my essential oils and observed whether they were able to change the game. I also asked some of my flight partners to try my oils and to report the effect on their performance. It worked :-)! Here is a summary of our favorite oils that helped us to improve.

Favourite golf oils

LAVENDER, the golf star allrounder oil. It calms down skin and emotions. Try it out against itchiness after insect bytes or scratches, stinging nettles etc. Next time when you are in the rough, in a wood or elsewhere you do not really want to be, you will love your lavender oil. And while you help your skin to cure, your emotions will calm down as well – just take some deep breaths. You will nearly immediately feel better which will give your next swing a fair chance to be a good one again.

MOTIVATE, a doTERRA blend with mint and citrus fruits, is the oil number 2 on our favorite list. It gives you trust, courage and self-confidence and suppresses pessimism and doubt. Just inhale when needed – put 1-2 drops in you hands, raise them to your nose and take some deep breaths. You may as well already start the round with good mood and give 1-2 drops Motivate blend on your wrists.

ELEVATION, the “oil of joy”, is our third recommendation. I like to use it latest as of tee 13. This oil supports you to stay attentive and gives you energy for the final tees. Of course it is difficult to say, whether it is Elevation, good luck or my capability: but fact is that I put definitely better since I have my oil routine at tee 13. And I could not care less why this is the fact as long as I am successful 🙂

Better put Odeur

Whoever wants to try the effect of our “golf essential oils” on his or her game, may get some here in the Odeur doTERRA webshop.
I am curious to hear about your experiences.

Good luck and enjoy your game!





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